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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Adult Use Marijuana Working Group
  3. Agricultural Commission
  4. Assawompsett Pond Complex Management Team
  5. Board of Assessors
  6. Board of Registrars
  7. Board of Selectmen
  8. Building Department
  9. Bylaw Study Committee
  10. Capital Planning Committee
  11. Chestnut Street Solar Lease Selection Committee
  12. Citizens Environmental Health Impact Committee
  13. Commission on Disability
  14. Community Preservation Committee
  15. Conservation Commission
  16. Conservation Commission - Stewardship Group
  17. Constables
  18. Council on Aging Board of Directors
  19. Council on Aging Board of Trustees/Council on Aging Finance Committee
  20. Cultural Council
  21. Democratic Town Committee
  22. Dollars for Scholars Committee
  23. Downtown Improvement Committee
  24. DPW Building Committee
  25. Emergency Medical Service Committee
  26. Finance Committee
  27. Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority
  28. Green Energy Committee
  29. Green School Preservation Committee
  30. Henry B. Burkland Elementary School - School Council
  31. Historical Commission
  32. Housing Authority
  33. Library Ad Hoc Portrait Committee
  34. Library Ad Hoc Volunteer Recognition Committee
  35. Library Ad Hoc Working Group
  1. Library Board of Trustees
  2. Library Building Subcommittee
  3. Library Policy and By-Laws Subcommittee
  4. Mary K. Goode Elementary School - School Council
  5. MCCAM Working Group
  6. MG&E Commissioners
  7. Middleboro Park Commission
  8. Middleborough 350th Committee
  9. Middleborough Affordable Housing Authority
  10. Middleborough Engagement Committee
  11. Middleborough High School - School Council
  12. Middleborough History Subcommittee
  13. Middleborough School Committee
  14. Middleborough School Committee Negotiations Sub-Committee
  15. Middleborough-Lakeville Herring Fishery Commission
  16. Nichols Middle School Council
  17. Old Colony Elder Services Board of Directors
  18. Oliver Estate Advisory Committee
  19. Other Post-Employment Benefits - OPEB Fund Board of Trustees
  20. Peirce Building Working Group
  21. Permanent Cable Committee
  22. Planning Board
  23. Plymouth Carver Aquifer Advisory Committee
  24. Plymouth County Commission on the Status of Women
  25. Police Station Building Committee
  26. Reduce Reuse Recycle Study Group
  27. School Building Committee
  28. South Shore Recycling Cooperative
  29. Survey Board for Inspections of Unsafe Structures
  30. Tourism Committee
  31. Town Clerk
  32. Weston Forest Committee
  33. Wood Street Land Negotiating Committee
  34. Zoning Board of Appeals