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Veterans Services: Home Page

Town of Middleborough Veterans Services
20 Centre Street
Middleborough MA 02346 office phone:
508 946 2407
Fax: 508 946 2312

Cell phone: 508 958 3557, .
Email: E-Mail

Departmental Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri 8:45am – 5pm

Department Description:
The MA. Dept. of Veterans’ Services is a state mandated dept. that is in place to assist veterans and their eligible dependents that are in financial need as dictated by MA General Law Chapter 115. This law requires each municipality in the Commonwealth to have a Department of Veterans’ Services administer this financial program. The local Department of Veterans’ Services also assists 100% service connected disabled veterans, and their eligible dependents, that are entitled to Dependency Indemnity Compensation from the VA, apply for the state mandated annual $2,000 annuity. In very limited circumstances the local Department of Veterans’ Services office can assist financially in the burial of a veteran and or their eligible dependents.

The Department of Veterans’ Services within each municipality is often the first point of contact for veterans and the family members seeking assistance on such things as:

VA medical treatment for eligible veterans and services available within the VA health care system

Service connected disability entitlements from the VA

VA non-service connected VA pension entitlements



Burial issues for veterans such as:
Burial at a VA National cemetery
VA burial allowance
Burial flags
Burial honors at the wake and funerals of veterans

Education benefits under either:



The GI Bill
Vocational rehabilitation program for veterans that are rated by the VA as being at least 30% service
connected disabled
Educational waives under the Welcome Home bill of 2005 within the state

Cash bonuses for veterans that meet the requirements within the state from WWII to present

Record searches for the military records of veterans for either the veteran or their family members

Assistance with placing veterans in shelters designed for homeless veterans

Referral to VA inpatient alcohol and drug facilities

Guidance on VA nursing home and rest home requirements

Locating the awards and decoration that a veteran has received

Assistance on tax exemptions based on service connected disabilities